Dedication: Happy Birthdays

As I have written on our About page this is the start of a special new blog, written for a very special young woman, my not-so-baby sister, Sharon on the double occasion of her 12th birthday and her decision to be baptized. I’d like to take the opportunity to talk to her a little bit.

Hey Baby Girl.

So, you’re twelve years old now. Twelve years ago your sister Kelly and I hung out with Nana and Papa Joe at the birth center where mom planned to have you. (It was a really awesome place, I must say, though I didn’t appreciate it at the time. I was pretty bored waiting for you to make up your mind already(!) and playing video games until you decided to make your entrance.) We transferred to the hospital, as I know you’ve heard by now, and you were the first baby delivered there by a nurse-midwife! Kelly and I got to watch- which we thought was pretty cool and not gross (’cause we’re weird- but you know that already!) I was so in awe of the whole thing I followed the nurse over to the station where they cleaned you off and weighed you… and then she turned and put you into my arms straightaway. I was about your age when that happened and I was mostly just shocked- I think that was the first time I’d held such a newborn. It was so awesome- holding you in my arms and looking down at your little adorable newborn face. I never wanted to give you to mom and dad…. but I figured they deserved a little time with you, too. I was so proud to be your big sister then…and I still am now. I love you so much and while I hate living so far away from you- I love seeing the wonderful ways you change each time we’re back together again.

I can’t believe how old you’ve gotten- you’re TWELVE. Is that even possible? You’ll like twelve- I know I did. Everything is getting ready to start and you are becoming who you are going to be for the rest of your life. It doesn’t seem possible you’re already here! I remember being there! I remember the awesome times my Youth Group- who I loved so much- the same Youth Group that you are a part of now, though there are different kids in it now. Going to the same camps and activities you’re at…. (no pressure to meet your future husband just yet- it’s a long long time to wait between now and marriage stuff. You’ll enjoy it a lot better if you’re not worried about it the whole time like I was!)

You’ve been to the UK already- something most people don’t ever get to do, much less kids your age. I went there too, at your age. I think it really changes your perspective a lot. I remember sitting in class and daydreaming about the beautiful countries I’d been to and wondering how they could possibly exist in the same world as the boring classroom I was in (at your same school, too. But I don’t have to tell you that…. sorry for teacher’s flashbacks- I had no idea I’d be quite so memorable! But I’m confident you can make your own impression so that they will know you as YOU.)

So much going on- so much crazy-fun good-times ahead. Summer was my absolute favorite- so much possibility just tingling in the air, ready to go. Now that’s yours, too. Make the most of it, sweetie, because it is all yours.

I love you so incredibly much. I’m so proud of you and who you are and I hope to stay a part of getting you to who you will be. You can always (always always!) talk to me: you’d be surprised by the things I know and the things I thought and experienced when I was your age…. don’t rule me out because we are probably a lot more alike than even we know.You are never ever alone, Baby Girl. (I’ll stop calling you that…one day. Promise!)

Tons of love from your sister,


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